Screen image is the old Airplay image

Screen image is the old Airplay image. It is the same screen as the phone screen to the TV screen.

All you need to do is connect the phone to the same wifi as the projector. Screen mirroring in foreign countries needs to cooperate with apple tv, for smart TV outside Apple, is not available. However, the apple tv(Apple set-top box) is not available in China.


So the iPhone’s powerful screen image won’t work?

Of course not. To use the screen mirroring feature, just install a Beitel screen TV version on your TV. Will enable Android TV in China to support Apple’s mirrored screen.

Where is Airplay Push mode?

Apple also has a push mode, which differs from mirroring by simply projecting audio or video onto the TV screen. Wireless phones always have the same screen. After opening the switch, all mobile phone audio push TV, mobile phone can be closed, very humanized.

It also works with Apple’s wireless headphones and speakers.

Swipe up in the control center and click the button below to adjust airplay push

Apple’s wireless screen projection is getting more and more fun, so find out if your smart TV and stereo can do it.