Screen Projection – Common Troubleshooting Methods for Apple Computer Screen Projector

1.No input signal from the RGB port of the projector

When the projector switches to RGB output, it prompts that there is no signal input from the RGB port. Firstly, rule out whether the VGA connection cable is connected properly. If it is normal, it indicates that there is no signal output from the VGA output port of the laptop, and the problem is on the computer. Is the VGA port damaged? The probability is generally relatively small. After consulting materials, it was found that laptops generally have three output modes:1. LCD screen output, VGA port no output. This is the default method, perhaps due to power saving reasons! 2. VGA port output, no screen output. 3. The VGA port and screen both have outputs. So, the computer must switch to the third output mode.

2.The projector has information input but no image

In the case of proving the correct output mode of the laptop, if the above faults occur, the first step is to check whether the resolution and refresh rate of the computer match the projector. We know that laptops generally have higher hardware configurations and can achieve higher resolutions and refresh rates. But if the maximum resolution and refresh rate of the projector are exceeded, the above phenomenon will occur. The solution is very simple. Use the computer’s display adapter to lower the values of these two parameters. Generally, the resolution should not exceed 600*800, and the refresh rate should be between 60-75 Hz. You can refer to the projector manual. In addition, it is possible to encounter situations where the display adapter cannot be adjusted. Please reinstall the original graphics card driver before making adjustments.

3.Projection image color deviation

This is mainly a problem with the VGA connection cable. Check if the VGA cable is tightened at the interface with the computer and projector. If the problem still exists, then you can buy another high-quality VGA cable and pay attention to the model of the connection port.

4.PC connected to projector, laptop external display

There are generally two ways to connect a PC to a projector: using a dual graphics card or using a video splitter. The use of dual graphics cards means that one PC can simultaneously insert two graphics cards, with one graphics card connected to the monitor and the other graphics card connected to the projector; The function of a video splitter is to divide a video input signal into multiple identical video signal outputs. Most laptops are designed with RGB interfaces, which can be used for external displays or projectors. Resolution and refresh rate, confirm if the resolution and refresh rate set by the graphics card of the laptop are within the acceptable range of the projector. If unsure, the range can be lowered, such as 1024*768-75Hz.