Screen Projection – Detailed Explanation of Telecom IPTV Screen Projection Methods

Telecom IPTV is a network telecom set-top box that allows you to connect to telecom network TV through IPTV and watch TV programs over the network. Telecom TPTV is the best playback channel for its network TV. Many people like to use their mobile phones to project and watch, which allows them to directly share beautiful videos from their phones on the TV screen.

So how should telecommunications IPTV be screened? How to operate? Below, please take a look at the pictures and texts provided by the editor of Honeypot Ant Decoration Network to introduce the method of setting up a telecommunications IPTV screen.

 Using IPTV video software for screen projection

1. Installing IPTV software

Install Telecom’s IPTV client software according to your city

2. Binding a TV set-top box

The mobile IPTV software needs to be bound to a TV set-top box, which can be operated according to the relevant instructions of the mobile IPTV software.

3. Open the video and select screen mirroring

Open the internal video on the mobile phone, and then select “screen casting” on the video playback page to enter the screen casting state.

4. Mobile phone to remote control

After the successful screen mirroring on the phone, a button on the phone remote control will appear on the playback page. At this time, you can click on the phone remote control button to enter the phone remote control. You can use your phone as a remote control to control the TV. If you want to watch anything, just use your phone.

5. Exit mobile screen mirroring

When you don’t want to use your phone for screen mirroring and only want to watch TV or play TV programs on your phone, you need to exit the phone screen mirroring. In the phone screen mirroring, you can see the exit screen mirroring button. Click this button to exit the screen mirroring.

Using video playback software for screen projection

1. Mobile phones and televisions belong to the same local area network

Connecting both your phone and TV to the same LAN is the most basic requirement for screen mirroring.

2. Open the video playback software to project the screen

Open video playback software such as Tencent Video, iQiyi Video, Youku Video, etc., and then click on the TV program you want to watch. Generally, there is a screen casting function in the upper right corner of the TV program. To click on this screen casting function.

3. TV automatically jumps to mobile TV programs

When your phone is connected to the same network as the TV network, the TV will automatically play videos from your phone. This TV must be turned on to play video programs from your phone.

Actually, at present, it is quite simple to project the screen of a telecommunications IPTV mobile phone. The main thing is to ensure that your phone and TV are on the same local area network, so that the phone and TV are interconnected. The phone can connect to the TV, so that the video played on the phone can be projected onto the TV. Do you know now?

There may be slight differences in the method of screen projection for telecom IPTV in different places, but overall it is the same. You can choose the appropriate screen projection and playback software according to your own needs.