Screen Projection – Mobile Phone Screen Projection Win11 System Computer Method

Win11 phone screen projection to computer

With the launch of the Win11 system, many users are beginning to try to project their phones onto their computers for better work or entertainment. This article will introduce how to achieve screen projection from a mobile phone to a computer on the Win11 system.

Step 1: Connect your phone and computer

Firstly, it is necessary to connect the phone and computer to the same Wi Fi network. Then, open the “Settings” application on the Win11 system, select the “Devices” tab, and click the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” button. In the pop-up window, select the “Wireless Display or Audio” option and wait for the system to search for available devices.

Step 2: Enable mobile screen projection function

On the phone, the screen projection function needs to be enabled. The specific method may vary depending on the phone brand and model, but it can generally be found in the ‘Settings’ application. After enabling the screen projection function, the phone will be displayed as an available device on the Win11 system.

Step 3: Start screen projection

In the Win11 system, select the name of the displayed phone and click the ‘Connect’ button. If the phone needs to enter a password or confirm the connection, please follow the prompts on the phone screen. After successful connection, the content on the phone screen will be displayed on the computer screen.

It should be noted that the screen projection function requires a certain amount of network bandwidth and stability. If the network signal is not good, it may cause the screen to get stuck or disconnect. In addition, some phones may need to enable USB debugging mode in the developer options in order to project the screen properly.

Through the above steps, Win11 users can easily project their phones onto their computers, facilitating work and entertainment.