Screen Projection – Six Methods and Steps for Mobile Phone Screen Projection

1. Wireless screen projection

Pull down at the top of the phone and find the option for wireless projection in the menu. After opening it, it will display the device being searched. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the unlimited projection function of the large screen device is turned on. However, it should be noted that if the TV is participating in the projection operation, it must have the miracast function to support wireless projection.

2. Software screen projection

Download and install software such as Lebo Projection and Mobile Projection simultaneously on both your phone and computer, and then enable them simultaneously. At this time, a scanned QR code will appear in the upper right corner of your phone. After opening it, aim it at the QR code on the TV and scan it. The phone will then display a successful screen projection interface.

3. Video projection

The method of video projection is very simple. For example, when using video software such as Youku and iQiyi, you can notice that a sign called “TV” will appear on the screen. Clicking on it will display that you are searching for a device. After finding the device, clicking on it will instantly display that the projection has been successful.

4. Bluetooth connection

Smartphones can be connected through Bluetooth to perform screen projection operations. The specific method is to turn on the Bluetooth of both the phone and the screen projection device, and then click on the wireless device found by the computer. However, it should be noted that the screen projection device needs to support the Bluetooth function.

5. HDMI data cable screen projection

Nowadays, most televisions are equipped with HDMI, which can be converted to HDMI data cable through the high-definition data interface type-c. By connecting mobile phones and televisions in this way, screen projection can be achieved. However, using this method requires hardware support from mobile phones, and not all mobile phones have this function.

6. NFC one touch projection screen

There are certain requirements for screen projection through the NFC function. Firstly, the TV used for screen projection must be intelligent. Mobile phones are similar to HW, and both phones and TV can use NFC for touch screen projection. Only by downloading the screen remote control in advance, can the phone screen be projected into the TV.