Projection software, a strong introduction to several easy-to-use wireless projection software,

TV projection is essential in both work and life. Recently, many friends are asking how to cast the screen? Xiaobian felt that it was necessary to popularize science with you and use some easy-to-use screen projection software to facilitate your office and entertainment.

Bijie projection screen

Bijie projection screen compared with other projection software, it has unique whole network projection screen and one click projection screen. Any content in the mobile phone can be projected onto the large TV screen, with simple setting and convenient operation.

one click projection

one click projection is an application software for education, teaching, training and business report. It can not only provide projection services between screens, but also have the functions of wireless screen transmission, cross multi platform, two-way projection and so on.


in our daily use, one click projection adopts wireless WiFi to transmit screen images, and no longer uses VGA and HDMI lines to transmit signals. In other words, as long as we install this software, we can solve the projection problem!

WPS projection treasure

WPS projection treasure can help you have meetings with smart TV with only one mobile phone. In addition, it also has the functions of document projection, mobile phone remote control, laser pen effect, opening documents and so on. Whether the files in the mobile phone or the files on the USB flash drive can be opened directly through it.

Wukong remote control

Wukong remote control can incarnate the mobile phone into your portable TV set-top box. It can not only be used as a common remote control for smart TV and set-top box projector, but also connect multiple devices at the same time for screen projection operation to project the content on the mobile phone to TV, set-top box and projector. The above software can be downloaded and installed through dangbei market. If you have better software recommendations, you can also share with you in the comment area!