The seamless connection of all-in-one machine projection, wireless projection and all-in-one machine in conference and office,

business conference display market, and the combination of interactive touch all-in-one machine and wireless projection technology has also undergone subtle chemical reaction. The interactive touch all-in-one machine solves the display operation and human-computer interaction of meetings, while the wireless screen projection technology allows enterprises to truly bid farewell to the traditional and complicated HDMI line projection, and can realize wireless multi platform screen projection, multi environment adaptation, free from external environment interference, so that enterprises can truly welcome the era of intelligent office.


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conference tablets are simplified into “seven machines in one”, which integrates various functions such as computers, projectors, projection screens, electronic whiteboards, audio and remote conference terminals. The intelligent conference tablet is equipped with Android system as standard and windows system as optional. You can directly read files by inserting a USB flash disk. Whether it is a special electromagnetic pen or gesture recognition, it can carry out smooth and intelligent touch interaction. At the same time, the smart conference tablet can also directly and wirelessly project the “small screen” content of mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets to the “giant screen” of the conference tablet through the wireless screen transmitter, so as to carry out multi screen interaction and efficient cooperation.

wireless sharing

through the wireless projector, we can project the screens of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers and other screens on the large screen in a wireless form, getting rid of the shackles of cables. The traditional projector is connected with HDMI line projection, and the conference speaker must stay in front of the computer to operate the computer. The conference process is lack of interactivity.

multi screen interactive

wireless projection screen has its own anti control function. Through the operation of the all-in-one machine and reverse touch operation, the speaker can give full play to the speaker, and the demonstration operation is smoother and more free. It is impossible to reverse control the picture through the projector and then to the large screen.

Bijie multi screen cooperative wireless projection device supports the projection output of 4K pictures. 4K pictures can be perfectly presented in front of users only when the display screen also supports 4K.

video conference, remote conference

through the combination of wireless projection equipment and all-in-one machine, video conference and remote conference have been very common in intelligent conference rooms.


can be saved with one click, and


can be shared by code scanning. After the meeting, the wireless projection device has the options of one click annotation saving and one click clearing. When the wireless projection is to the all-in-one machine, after the meeting, the mobile phone can scan the QR code on the large screen to take away the meeting content. The combination of


wireless projection and all-in-one machine has not only gained a large market share in the field of business meetings, but also developed rapidly in the fields of station subway ticket selling and touch all-in-one machine, hospital bank queuing machine, industrial automation equipment embedding, office automation, retail automation, vehicle satellite navigation system and so on.