Seven scenarios of airdrop failure

Scenario 1 The target object cannot discover I

Solution: Make sure your Bluetooth and airdrop are on and can be detected.

【 visiting 】; airdrop
【 Set 】; t; airdrop

Scenario 2 targets can’t find II

Solution: Ensure that your transfer target is in the wake state.

For example, after the phone is unlocked, the home screen of the phone lights up.

There are articles on the Internet that say you have to be in the same network environment, but I don’t think you need to be. Because I have tried to use my two devices to discover under different WIFI/ mobile networks, it is also possible to be discovered, and the airdrop is based on Bluetooth technology, and does not require network.

Scenario 3 shows Reject or cancel or fail I halfway through transmission

Solution: Ensure that you are in the transmission process, the transmission target does not sleep.

For example, keep swiping your phone in the middle of a transmission so that the screen doesn’t go black.

Scenario 4 Halfway through transmission, showing Reject or Cancel or Fail II

Solution: Ensure that your device has more storage space than the transfer object. (and may need to have a few G’s allowance)

I also had a situation where half of the files transferred failed to transfer and the storage space was used up. All you have to do is reboot the device and it will give you back your “lost storage”.

Scenario 5 Halfway through transmission, showing Reject or cancel or fail III

Solution: Check your Bluetooth status so that your Bluetooth status is stable.

Scenario 6 Transfer object 1 Drag up I

Solution: Restart the Dharma first try, this may cure 100 people.

Scenario 7 Transfer Object 1 Drag up II

Solution: Since the method on the Internet have tried, restart also restart, or put up on the other party has cancelled how to do? Try this method.

Have you considered rwx permissions for files?

In many cases, files you download or receive may look like this, with only root having full access:

Usually you’re not root, or you need to “sudo” to temporarily have root permission to perform sensitive operations. At this time, through the UI (graphical interface) for air drop, because there is not enough permission, resulting in failure to drag up.

So now all you need to do is extend the permissions of the object that you want to transfer. The operation is simple. Once the terminal is open, locate the destination file, and then:

chmod 666 [file you want to transfer]

That’s it.

This is what it looks like: