Several common methods of projecting screen TV on Apple mobile phone

For Apple mobile phone users, there are two commonly used screen casting methods:


Using AirPlay for wireless screen casting is obviously the most convenient. In order to ensure that the phone and the display are in the same WiFi condition, we only need to call out the control center of the iPhone, then click the AirPlay option, and then select the device to connect and complete the screen projection.

AirPlay has a new, more accessible name – screen mirroring, which uses roughly the same method and location. However, the wireless projection screen also has disadvantages, that is, there will be delays, general stability and may encounter mismatching problems.

  1. Cable connection

So, if you need a more stable screen casting method, you can try wired screen casting. However, compared with the wireless projection screen, the cost of the wired projection screen may be relatively high, and the transfer cable needs to be bought separately.

Software projection

Of course, in addition to using the mobile phone system’s own screen projection and wired screen projection, we can also choose to use some software to achieve the screen projection function, such as the best screen projection. Many video software itself also supports the screen projection function, which can be achieved by clicking the screen projection button on the playback page. Procedure for software screen projection

Install the BJT screen on the mobile phone and TV;
Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi;
Open the mobile APP to scan the code on the TV;
The receiving end confirms the connection, and the screen projection is successful.