Sharp Smart TV how to screen

Speaking of TV, today’s TV is not what it used to be, and its functions far exceed those of the past, such as the mobile phone can project the screen to the TV. At present, there are more TV brands on the market, and there are not many TVS with mobile phone projection functions, Sharp is included. So Sharp TV how mobile screen projection? Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the Sharp TV screen setting method.

First, wired screen projection

Today, the cable screen projection method is relatively less, this projection method needs to use the HDMI or VGA interface of Sharp TV, which HDMI interface needs to have MHL function, it refers to the mobile terminal HD audio and video standard interface, generally on the interface will have this sign. And the phone also needs to support MHL function, today’s mobile phones generally do not have this function.

Two, wireless screen projection mode

Wireless screen projection is more used, it refers to the wireless connection to cast the screen, but you have to ensure that Sharp TV is a smart TV, and the phone and TV also need to remain in the same WiFi network state. It should be noted that the mobile phone system is different, the specific operation is not the same, mainly ios system and android system two.

  1. ios system

Using an iPhone, swipe up from the bottom to open the “Control screen” and tap “AirPlay Mirror” to directly see the name of the TV. After tapping, the TV will display the screen of the phone.

  1. android system

Sharp TV first to open the “wireless screen projection” function, and then in the Android phone wireless connection mode to open the “wireless display”, this time the Android phone will appear the name of the TV, after the connection is successful, the TV will show the picture of the phone.