Sharp Smart TV projection screen function where?

Because of the special type of Sharp TV system, here are divided into several categories: Sharp self-operated system, Yunos system Sharp TV, Lenovo Konka system to be operated.

Sharp self-operated system: self-installation of the screen reception function steps.

  1. Turn on the Sharp TV, switch to the applications section, and enter all applications. Keep looking down, find the Lebo projection screen, click Install.
  2. After installation, start up. The screen reception function is activated instantly. The same wifi phone or computer, you can search for the TV.
  3. How to play and what to play.

The supported screen casting protocol includes DLNA, airplay, Miracast screen casting protocol, which can support mobile screen casting, computer screen casting,IOS device screen casting, video screen casting, music screen casting, game screen casting, PPT conference screen casting, fitness screen casting, preschool song screen casting, etc.

At present, more than 500 video apps are known to allow you to directly click the TV button and cast the screen to Sharp TV. If you do not understand, there will be a video tutorial after installation, watch the video one by one.