Sharp TV wireless projection screen operation steps

Sharp TV has a good sales in China, especially in the large-size models, with low cost performance, there are a number of models have occupied a small market share.

Smart TV, although a lot richer than traditional TV resources, but the use of smart TV users know that after playing for a few months, after turning over the only resources of the TV, it will lose its freshness, and gradually return to the mobile phone computer, end the small mobile phone to watch video, no longer have the motivation to open the TV, TV has become a decoration.

Faced with this embarrassing scene, a group of advanced young people are using the method of screen projection, complementing the advantages of mobile phones and TV, and using screen projection to watch TV.

Sharp TV wireless screen projection procedure:

1, press the Sharp TV remote control “Menu” key, find the “setting” option;

  1. Find [WLAN] in the Settings menu and click to enter;
  2. Click the [Off/On] button in the upper right corner of the [WLAN Settings] page, and click on [WLAN];

4, click to open in the [WLAN Settings] setting page will appear a lot of wireless network names, find your own wireless network click to enter;

5, enter the wireless routing password, the general wireless password is 8 bits, if you do not know, according to the wireless router behind the website, login to set, you can open the wireless network, so that sharp TV is connected to the wireless network.