Simple method for projecting the screen of IOS devices to Widows 10

Recently, I want to have my iPhone with screen to my Widows 10 computer, find the methods are not applicable to the sender for IOS (charging software I didn’t try) screen requirements of shots, so continue to learn and query, and finally found the one of the most simple, most secure, and free solution, also have no solution to the apple website, And successfully realized the iPhone phone, ipad, MacBookPro to Windows 10 computer screen.

  1. Sender Settings: iPhone/iPad/MacBookPro does not need to download or install any software. When presenting the screen, swipe down from the upper right corner of the IOS device to open the Control center and open the “Screen image” of the IOS system; OX S Device Open the Control Center, turn on “Screen Mirroring” and make the appropriate Settings (Add your Windows 10 PC) in the lower left corner of the Preferences TAB under “Add Monitor”.

  2. Receiver Settings: Download and install AirPlay Screen Mirroring Receiver from Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PC. After successful installation, turn on the receiver, indicating “Successfully started device name: (local computer name), indicating that the PC is ready for the screen projection.

It’s all done, enjoy the screenshots!

The advantages of this solution are that the sending end is clean and does not require any additional application installation. Widows 10 will only download and install software from Microsoft Store, which not only has a small program size, low resource consumption and high security. The downside may be that you can’t control the sending device from the PC side, but I feel that’s fine with me.

While the implementation process is a bit tortuous, the application itself is simple enough that even a geek like me can easily master it, so I’ll leave it at that and let simplicity prevail.