SKYWORTH projection, the method of Skyworth TV wireless projection,

wants to use projection equipment for meetings, but it used to be projector equipment. Now it’s changed to TV. How can we use wireless projection? Let me introduce you.

in fact, it is very simple to install the Bijie projection client on the TV and his mobile phone. Methods of


screen projection to Skyworth TV:


first, turn on the Bijie screen projection on both terminals.

then, select the connection mode and cast the screen. There are three ways to connect, including direct search, scanning code or inputting screen code. You can choose according to your convenience or actual situation.

if search connection is selected, after the mobile phone searches for the TV device, the name of the TV device will appear on the interface, and click Connect.


show you the interface of code scanning connection. In fact, it is similar to our usual code scanning payment. Just scan the QR code on the TV with your mobile phone. The way to connect the projection code is to input the projection code displayed on the TV on the mobile phone. This projection code is different every time.

finally, let’s talk about the screen projection method of this Apple phone. For Apple mobile phones, there is no need to obtain other tools on the mobile phone. Just use the screen image function of the system. First open the screen projection tool on the TV, then find the screen image function in the control center of the mobile phone, and click open. Then wait for the mobile phone to search for the TV device, click and connect.


well, the above is about the screen projection method of Skyworth TV, and the operation methods of other TVs are similar.