Smart classroom Android phone screen computer operation

Intelligent teaching has been very common in many cities, students in the classroom to take the use of mobile phones, you will not not ask the indiscriminate confiscation of mobile phones, in the daily teaching work, teachers or students, in order to facilitate reading and reference, you can multiple mobile phone different test answers or learning materials on the screen to the computer. Below, take a look at how Android phones cast screens!


Android phone, computer

01 In order to achieve the Android phone screen to the computer, you have to install the same software on the phone and the computer

02 Search for the software on Baidu and install it on a disk other than drive c

03 Download the software on the mobile phone, and start to register an account, you can log in on wechat or mobile phone

04 Computer side software, after downloading will appear a two-dimensional code, at this time the mobile version of the screen function click

05 Scan the two-dimensional code on the computer according to the operation tips of the screen, and you can cast the screen