By embracing the digital age, educators are creating more active, collaborative learning environments to prepare the next generation of innovators.

Creating Collaborative Classrooms

For years educators have known the power of interactivity in learning, yet were restricted to the traditional teacher-led classroom model by the tools at hand—the chalkboard and overhead projector. Today educators are transitioning to student-centered, collaborative environments that appeal to a new generation of tech-savvy, visual learners.

BiJie wireless Interactive box create opportunities to share with students, not just knowledge, and lessons, but the responsibility of learning and exploration of applying that knowledge. When given these opportunities, students gain a sense of empowerment and purpose in higher degrees than in lecture-based environments. This in turn, can drive the motivation to learn a particular subject and take on new skill sets, including creativity, leadership, and social interaction.

Empowering Educators

At the head of the class, BiJie Interactive box elevate and enhance new teaching and learning models, delivering a more creative and immersive experience. They enable teachers to use content in new ways, fostering creativity by using interactive software to draw on-screen, add images and show videos for more engaging and inspiring lessons. BiJie Interactive box can also connect to every student’s device, respond to touch, and encourage spontaneous collaboration. Not only can teachers and students collaborate more effectively in their own classroom, schools across the world can now connect with ease.

  • Smart Classroom mode
  • Teaching Mode

The teacher projection the screen of his computer or mobile phone to the master screen of the classroom, and all the group screens see the same content

  • Group discussion mode

Students divide into groups and discuss each other separately. Students projection the screen contents of their mobile phones or computers onto their group screens.

  • Teacher comment mode

Teachers can present excellent group discussion content on the master screen of the classroom, make some annotations and share