Smart classroom, interactive classroom construction program
Smart classroom construction program interaction is the core of the future classroom, and the smart classroom solution is also fully reflected and carried out around this core. Professional used to solve the current smart classroom multi-screen interaction, wireless sharing and collaboration needs, simple operation. In addition to realizing the effect of wireless screen projection, the teaching computer, PAD and mobile devices of teachers and students in the classroom can be projected to the large screen through wireless transmission, and the teacher can teach by touching the large screen such as the all-in-one computer, and the interaction between the teacher screen and the screen of each group can also be realized.

Smart classroom construction scheme application

Teachers and students can use the tablet to interact with the large screen of the platform and the large screen of the group, teachers can use the tablet to initiate evaluation, synchronously project the screen of the tablet to the large screen, and share the courseware, audio and video files, pictures and documents on the tablet to the large screen, efficient wireless network transmission engine, and fully open the boundary between the large screen of the platform and the handheld devices of teachers and students.

When the teacher is teaching, the content of the teacher screen can be synchronized to the student screen.

During group discussion, each student screen can be used independently by wireless projection screen, and the teacher screen can optionally display the content of one or more student screens, so that the teacher can understand the discussion of each group in real time.

When group discussion results are shared, the content of each student screen can be synchronized to the teacher and other student screens.

Meet BYOD requirements: Support BYOD (BringYourOwnDevice). Teachers and students can bring their own mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to participate in teaching interaction, and support mainstream operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS.