Smart classroom – “Internet plus” teaching reform customized smart teaching environment

With the arrival of the “Internet plus” era, it is an inevitable trend to innovate educational concepts and teaching models. Smart interactive classroom is a form of future classrooms, with classroom teaching intelligent interaction system, classroom multi screen interaction system, high-definition interactive recording system, and university video application cloud platform as the core. Through the effective integration of new generation information technology and teaching, it constructs a smart teaching environment that meets the application needs of multiple teaching modes in universities.

Smart Classroom

Smart classroom is a new generation of classroom teaching system, integrating multimedia equipment, BYOD learning terminal, recording and broadcasting equipment, teaching resources and other contents, leading the development of hybrid teaching activities in the “Internet plus” era. Shift from a knowledge classroom to a smart classroom.

Multi screen interaction

Say goodbye to the complex video matrix, and adopt a newly designed multi screen interactive host. The high-definition images of the teaching screen, group screen, and student screen can be transmitted in multiple directions to meet the teaching needs, deeply integrating with teaching interaction.

Automatic tracking

Without additional manpower investment, Ovia customizes and develops a hybrid tracking strategy based on the teaching logic of the smart interactive classroom, using teacher trajectories and focus group discussion activities as the tracking basis to automatically capture and capture teaching situations.

Interactive recording

Each smart interactive classroom is equipped with an interactive recording system, which enables interactive teaching across classrooms, campuses, and regions in multiple teaching venues, providing strong support for curriculum reform and internal and external interactions in universities.


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Flipped Classroom

Providing comprehensive technical support for flipped classrooms, the mode of pre class information transmission and in class absorption internalization can significantly improve teaching efficiency.

Interactive teaching

Realize interactive teaching across classrooms, campuses, and regions, providing strong support for curriculum reform in universities.

Blended learning

Smart classrooms can implement a blended learning model that combines digital learning with traditional face-to-face teaching, achieving optimal learning outcomes.

Product composition

This plan consists of interactive recording, smart classroom hosts, smart classroom software, tablets, multi screen interactive software, and other products.