Intelligent classroom projection, discussion classroom intelligent teaching multi screen interactive scheme,

Bijie interconnected multi screen cooperation solution adopts the public cloud and private cloud deployment scheme of “Bijie intelligent terminal” + “cloud management platform” + “service customization”, and creates an exclusive solution according to the actual situation of enterprise conference rooms and school classrooms. The solution is the multi screen interactive application scenario based on byod, which realizes the wireless screen projection and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so as to facilitate the participants to share the screen projection in real time during the meeting and make the meeting more efficient; In the process of convenient teaching, teachers and students can more flexibly and conveniently carry out multi screen cooperation and interaction of courseware and teaching content, so as to make teaching more vivid.

Bijie projection supports wireless projection of Android, IOS, windows and MAC smart devices, is compatible with the full protocols of airplay, miracast, widi, googlecast, DLNA and bjcast (self-developed), and can be quickly projected without installing software.

teaching mode

teachers choose their own host screen as the sharing source, cast the screen and broadcast to the group screen, and each group screen can see the display content of the teacher’s screen. In

group discussion mode,

each student screen can be used independently by wireless projection. The teacher can select any one or more student screens on the left to view the content, and can view up to 4 student screens at the same time.

group discussion results sharing

teachers can arbitrarily control the screen of that group displayed on the large screen. This mode is the same as the teacher’s teaching mode, but the sharing source selection is different. At this time, the sharing source can select the student screen to be shared.

in the multi screen interactive solution of ordinary smart classroom, the traditional wired HDMI cable transmission can be replaced by Bijie multi screen cooperative intelligent terminal. The whole solution supports the screen projection of native protocol and installation of screen projection software. In addition, the computer also supports the screen projection of USB transmitter. The multi screen cooperation solution of ordinary smart classroom supports the multi screen split screen display function, and can be externally connected to the high beat instrument and sound system. The scheme also supports the teacher to directly insert the USB flash disk storing the courseware into the Bijie multi screen cooperative intelligent terminal to play the local videos and files of the USB flash disk. When the display screen is a large touch screen, the teacher’s touch operation on the large screen will be synchronized back to the mobile terminal. Multiple conference rooms adopting Bijie multi screen cooperation solution can be centrally managed through Bijie management platform.