smart classroom brings a new teaching experience. As a teacher, I hold a 100% positive attitude towards the smart classroom solution. The benefits it brings are really great and worthy of recognition.

in life, in fact, many teachers with a slightly older teaching age are not used to using the smart classroom. After a long teaching process, these experienced old teachers have been used to the experience of blackboard and chalk. As a new generation of teachers, we naturally prefer the experience brought by the smart classroom.




first of all, from the perspective of health, learning from small to large has given us a certain understanding of dust pollution. The chalk used in traditional teaching forms a lot of dust invisible to the naked eye after rubbing on the blackboard, and enters the human body with breathing, which will have a certain impact on teachers and students. This is also the reason why I don’t like to sit in the front row when I study.

followed by efficiency. As teachers, we have advanced teaching plans for each class, and the teaching plan of each class is also our painstaking efforts. When there is no smart classroom, we need to rewrite the key teaching contents on the blackboard in class; However, after using the smart classroom, the teaching plan we make can also be our courseware, which greatly reduces the waste of time and achieves more with one stone.

the last is progress. Many people worry that after relying on the smart classroom, teachers will become more and more lazy. They only need the smart classroom to play the corresponding video to complete the teaching content; However, this is not the case. A good classroom never forms dependence, but relies on advanced technology to make the classroom more vivid and interesting and improve efficiency.

this is a teacher’s evaluation of the smart classroom. Of course, if a user asks me what brand of smart classroom solution I recommend, I can only say that our school uses Bijie Internet smart classroom solution. You can go to their official website to learn about it.