Smart Meeting – The Popularization and Application of Information Technology in Smart Meeting Rooms

The smart conference industry is entering a new stage of explosive growth, which is a consensus in the industry. For example, the development of interactive applications has led to the need for additional “interactive dedicated secondary screens” in large and medium-sized conference rooms, significantly expanding the overall market demand. For example, the development of information technology has led to the increasing use of remote video conferencing applications, providing new drivers for the display applications of small and micro enterprise conference rooms.

The popularization of concepts such as remote meetings, interactive meetings, and smart meetings can enable 20 million conference rooms to more fully enter the “video” era, which has never been seen in the conference display industry: the traditional conference display market is only a “multimedia” option for a small number of conference rooms; In the context of future intelligent and informationized social and commercial activities, “multimedia videos” will be the popularization equipment and application of information technology in conference rooms.

“By linking conference displays with the development of social intelligence and informatization, we can see that a huge market is opening up. However, this also means that future conference displays will inevitably delve into the scene of” informatization and intelligence “, which means that” simple displays “are far from enough – the launch of a new round of industry markets requires product innovation and explosive applications.”, Industry enterprises need to change their existing supply structure!

Firstly, the conference must enter the era of multifunctionality. For example, conference rooms will have the “intelligent language processing and recording requirements” for converting speech into text; There will also be a demand for remote video shooting; There will also be information sharing needs for various smart devices… These applications that have emerged today do not belong to display devices, but can they be integrated with display systems, just like smartphones that integrate many different functions?

The development of conference display devices, especially retail conference display devices and highly integrated conference display devices for small and medium-sized conference rooms, requires “smart platform thinking”: using conference display devices as a basic computing and display platform, integrating fully diverse functions, and meeting various application needs under information conditions is an inevitable innovation of conference display devices.

The conference shows that we will inevitably enter the era of ecological survival. For example, as a “quasi public space,” conference rooms are constantly connected to issues such as equipment availability, maintenance, and confidentiality. This requires that the conference room equipment must have good manageability and establish a remote online management framework with the enterprise administrative department. For example, the equipment and system in a conference room not only include video, but also audio, communication and other components, which need to have good interoperability and connection between these devices; Even conference display devices need to be able to integrate the output interface of the enterprise’s office information system to achieve more advanced conference modes.

So, conference display devices are no longer just “PPT broadcasters”, but should become a node that integrates with the information office and management ecosystem for survival. They should have the characteristics of AI and IoT, and the feasibility of intelligent IoT – do not let the diversity and powerful functions of devices become a burden for users; But rather, it requires a high degree of collaboration between devices, freeing up the workload of conference organizations and participants.

Conference display devices ultimately remain the application of display technology – innovation in display technology is inevitably an important aspect. In fact, small pitch LED conference displays, laser and HLD solid-state light source projection displays, large-sized interactive LCD displays, laser TV displays, and so on are all emerging technological innovations in recent years. It is precisely the innovation of these display technologies that has brought more diverse features to the conference display market. In the future, the conference shows that it is necessary to further achieve breakthroughs in display technology and cost competitiveness.

In summary, the smart conference display industry is entering a comprehensive and multi-dimensional innovation era with “informatization” as the background, including display technology, application ecology and ancillary functional components, smart computing and AI software technology, etc.