Smart office – base and bj80 smart office solutions



are still worried about the company’s office efficiency? Are you still bothered by the cumbersome process of screen projection? In this era of intelligence, how can we achieve smart office? Bijie wireless projection brings you the answer.

bj80 multi screen collaborative intelligent terminal newly developed by Bijie Internet brings you different smart office experience. Let’s take a look at what kind of surprise this small box will bring:

multi machine collaboration

can fully fill the vacancy of your picture. As long as you want, there is only a lot of content. Bj80 can support 6-way picture display on the same screen at most, so that more information can be presented, Better content forms a contrast, saves time and increases efficiency.


full protocol support


to make your information display unlimited. Bj80 is compatible with airplay, miracast, DLNA, googlecast and bjcast projection protocols. You can scan the code to cast the screen wirelessly, far away from the trouble of lines, and the office environment is comfortable and tidy.

projection SDK integrates

and supports integration with third-party application systems such as video conference, conference reservation, teaching central control, recording and broadcasting, such as Meishi app, Friend Space app, seagull app, etc. smart office can be realized by sliding your fingertips.

reverse control

by using the reverse control of computer and mobile screen projection, users can avoid the trouble of switching back and forth between two different devices. Synchronous control can realize your easy office and create your own office stage.

HDMI dual input and output

bj80 supports HDMI dual input, allowing your information transmission to achieve the highest efficiency and optimal quality; Support the same and different display to make the information display more flexible; It supports access to third-party HDMI video sources such as cameras, high-resolution cameras and PCs, with strong adaptability to achieve higher intelligent office.

WiFi 6 supports more channels of


to bring faster data transmission, so that your information transmission does not get stuck in traffic. It feels like driving on a spacious road and brings a silky office experience.


not only that, the powerful information release ability provides push function for enterprise publicity and realizes multi wallpaper rotation display; The unified management platform allows you to realize remote configuration and centralized operation and maintenance. Bijie Internet bj80, the intelligent office multi screen collaboration solution expert around you.