as an ordinary employee of the company, let me put it directly. The smart office system is absolutely beneficial and harmless to our employees. Choosing to install this thing is definitely the most clear decision of the company. Let’s listen to the reasons I give:

is convenient.

is absolutely convenient, eliminating many cumbersome operations. I have to say that it’s time for the weekly meeting, In the past, we had to go to the meeting one hour before getting off work. Originally, we wanted to make a quick decision, but we came across the old demonstration equipment, which was incompatible with that. Each department head just plugged in the equipment, found documents and adjusted the format, which consumed half an hour. It was really half an hour of operation and five minutes of speech. Thieves were annoyed and dragged the meeting to the end of an hour after work.




now it’s different to replace it with Bijie’s interconnected smart office system. It’s wireless projection, compatible with everything, and can be done by mobile phone. There’s no need to plug in. It’s a regular meeting for one hour and half an hour. It’s perfect.


is super fast, which is really praised by our staff. Bijie’s interconnected smart office system scheme supports multi-channel wireless projection, supports four intelligent terminal devices to demonstrate on one screen at the same time, is not limited by the terminal type, and supports 4K HD. It has an unexpected wonderful use in the scheme for customers. Video and copywriting ppt are presented at the same time, Bring the most intuitive feeling to customers and make the solutions we provide easier for customers to understand.


improve efficiency in Bijie Internet smart office system, which is also very satisfactory to employees like me. In short, it supports a lot of efficient integration. On the management platform, it supports the unified operation, maintenance and management of projection equipment, and can count the projection data, which is convenient for the management to deploy accordingly, saving a lot of time; In addition, supporting the connection with the third-party information system enables us to integrate the wireless projection screen with the conference reservation system, OA office system, IM communication system and information release system, which can better reflect the help of the smart office system to improve work efficiency.

in a word, smart office system can reduce the burden of employees and improve work efficiency. I believe that when other companies rotate smart office system solutions, Bijie Internet is definitely your best choice.