In the

information age, advanced science and technology not only brings convenience to life, but also leads the development of modern intelligent office system. Many customers are still very unfamiliar with smart office system. What can be called smart office system? Next, the author will take you to understand.

smart office system, as its name implies, uses advanced technology and equipment in the industry to improve office efficiency and quality, improve office conditions, reduce labor intensity and realize scientific management and decision-making. At the same time, the smart office system often combines the theories of behavior science, management science, social science, system engineering, ergonomics, computer technology, communication technology, automation technology and so on, so that some of people’s office business activities can be materialized into various equipment other than people, and better business processing effect can be achieved through advanced office equipment, including but not limited to managing all kinds of information and assisting leadership decision-making.




smart office systems are mainly embodied in an intelligent way in most enterprises. For the purpose of using advanced smart office systems, the top priority is to use information resources to maximize office efficiency and office quality and produce higher value information. The most convenient and direct embodiment is to integrate all office areas, front desk and external areas of the company into one system for unified management and display information. For this, Bijie smart office system solution is your best choice.

Bijie intelligent terminal wireless projection, supports wireless display of IOS, Android, windows and MAC intelligent terminals, and is compatible with airplay, miracast, widi, DLNA, googlecast and bjcast protocols. The SDK provides complete screen scanning and screen casting support for your SDK development kit at the same time. The unified management platform provides screen projection data statistics, supports privatization deployment, and makes your office get twice the result with half the effort.

this is Bijie Internet, a new generation of smart office system, your multi screen Collaboration Solution Expert.