Split Screen – How does a mobile phone achieve split screen?

When we use our mobile phone, it is not very convenient to switch between the two software. We can achieve simultaneous display of the two software through split screen operation. Many friends are not sure how to set split screen, and the editor has already organized the relevant steps for you. Come and take a look together.

Method/Step Sharing:

1. Firstly, we open the mobile system application ‘Settings’.

2. Secondly, we click on ‘System Management’ on the ‘Settings’ page.

3. Next, we will click on ‘Split Screen Multi Task’ on the ‘System Management’ page.

4. Then, we click on ‘Manual Screen Splitting’ on the ‘Screen Splitting Multi Task’ page.

5. Afterwards, we will activate the ‘Three Finger Sliding Split Screen’.

6. Finally, we can open the software and slide three fingers, and then we can split the screen.