Teaching small classroom computer PPT courseware wireless projection screen method

Projector is a teaching or display tool, play ppt, teaching plans, or other text picture content also need to use the computer, the traditional wired connection must be known to everyone, this article is focused on introducing the computer PPT courseware wireless screen shadow instrument.

For computer PPT courseware wireless projection projector, it is recommended to use Bijie multi-screen collaborative projection equipment. Either mirrored or extended screenshots are a matter of minutes.

Mirrored screen

We only need to connect the projector and the projector through HDMI cable, and then plug the USB case into the computer. When the display light of the USB button is on, press the button to show the screen with one key. The computer and the projector picture are synchronized, and then we open the PPT courseware and it will appear on the projector. Usually, the projector and projector in our classroom are connected well. When teachers are in class, they can plug in the USB button to show the screen. When the class is over, they can pull out the USB button, which is convenient and quick.