Technology enables the classroom, and Bijie helps Nanjing University to build smart classrooms
Suzhou Bijie Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides wireless projection intelligent terminal for Nanjing University to help Nanjing University smart classroom construction.

In the context of national policy guidance and the need for teaching reform, more and more schools put the construction of smart classrooms on the agenda. Compared with traditional classrooms, the spatial layout of smart classrooms can be flexibly changed according to different teaching modes, making the whole teaching environment more comfortable and easier to carry out teaching activities.

01 Nanjing University

Nanjing University is an institution of higher learning with a long history and a high reputation. In the course of running a school for more than a century, Nanjing University and its predecessor have shared the same fate with The Times and the nation, seeking the prosperity of the country and the progress of science and education, and have made important contributions to the prosperity of the country and the revitalization of the nation.

BJ60s wireless screen projection equipment was provided for Nanjing University’s smart classroom construction, promoting the modernization of 190 traditional classrooms in Nanjing University.

02 Hardware Devices
BJ60S conference box is an enterprise-class wireless screen projection display device, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi and BJCast wireless screen projection protocols, supporting smart phones and PCS to display screen images on the same screen through wireless mode, which is the best choice for enterprises to efficiently work, education wireless display and exhibition product release.

03 Main Advantages
Wireless screen: Multimedia content such as movies, videos, music, and PPT from mobile phones, pads, and PCS can be sent to terminal display devices such as TVS and projectors for wireless sharing and viewing.
Hotspot coverage: The BJ60S supports the AP hotspot function to provide local hotspot coverage.
Independent audio: Provides an independent 3.5mm audio output interface for easy audio system integration.
Support zooming: In the case of multiple screen shots, you can touch the icon to enlarge the target screen.
Terminal compatibility: Fully compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows smart terminal devices, supporting Miracast (1), AirPlay (2), WIDI (3), and BJCast (4) protocols.
USB transmitter screen projection (optional) : Optional USB key transmitter, PC (windows/Mac) computer plug and play wireless screen projection display.