Terminal projection is how mobile terminals project screens wirelessly in the home environment.

Bijie projection is a projection software produced by Bijie technology company, which is a multi screen interactive tool connecting smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers with smart devices such as TVs, boxes, projectors and VR. Realize the wireless delivery of mobile device content to TV, box, projection, etc. Users only need to use this software to easily realize screen projection, so that users can watch movies, listen to music, share photos and play large screen games on TV.


and software features: see blockbusters on the mobile screen, bid farewell to the “small age”, IOS / Android / windows are perfectly compatible, 4K ultra-high definition picture and 4K image quality. Home theater level movie viewing experience, watching videos on the large screen and chatting on wechat on the mobile phone can save money for buying movie tickets. You can enjoy the same content on the large screen with one click of Bijie.

home music players lose their headphones, mainstream music players click on the screen, lie lazily on the sofa and enjoy a family concert. The game screen can save money and show the technology. One mobile phone can play games on the large screen without missing the screen. It saves money to buy PS4 / Xbox / switch. In the past, flying cars can only be intoxicated silently. Now my friends call me “great God”. The office projection screen makes the meeting convenient and unrestricted. In the past, the meeting had to bring a variety of data transfer lines, and it was often impossible to connect to the TV. Now it only needs to be connected to the same WiFi, one click projection screen, which is convenient and time-saving. The mobile phone can also display documents directly. The mobile phone is used more and more, and the PPT is in it. Instead of passing it around before the meeting, it is better to use the mobile phone to display directly.


and family entertainment make the family taste stronger. It’s inappropriate to bow your head when you go home. Throw various mobile applications on the big screen, watch the ball game with your brothers, hold your children to listen to stories before going to bed, hold your baby’s hand and listen to music on the sofa. Watch the large screen to protect the cervical spine and vision. Children often watch the small screen, which is bad for their vision. At the same time, lowering their head for a long time is harmful to the cervical spine. At home, the large screen can protect their vision and cervical spine.