The advantages and disadvantages of wireless projector

Pros: Some projectors work wirelessly when you don’t have an Internet connection, because they come with WIFI, so you don’t have to worry about the Internet. And a good projector is compatible with multiple systems, making it stress-free to use.

The advantage of wireless projection is real-time sharing, such as in round table meetings, speeches, classes and other occasions, the data of different speakers are stored in different notebooks, in the use of wired projection by wired limitations, frequently replace the notebook; The application of wireless technology gets rid of the cluttered cable bondage and satisfies the desire of free projection. At present, the projector using wireless projection can generally be connected to the LAN through the standard wireless transmission protocol, and the computer in the same LAN with the wireless projector can control the projector work in the conference room, easy to achieve one-to-one, many-one, and one-to-many connection projection.

Disadvantages: The wireless projection screen will lose part of the picture quality, and when using the wireless projector is more dependent on the network environment, the network is not good when playing video will be stuck.

Wireless projector compared to the HDMI connection mode, will lose a part of clarity, if it is mature technology, the loss is very small, the naked eye basically can not distinguish. Wireless projector technology is more dependent on local area network environment, if your company LAN is good, the connection will be fast, no delays. However, the most basic operation like PPT will not be stuck, and the card is also some online video, which is more dependent on your LAN environment.