The advantages of multi screen interaction

Science and technology are changing our lives. The birth of intelligent devices has made tremendous changes in our lives. We can’t live without these smart devices. Intelligent devices provide us with great convenience, and it is at this time that multi-screen interaction comes into our vision.

The advantages of multi screen interaction

What is multi screen interaction?

Multi screen interaction is to use miracast and other protocols to transmit, display, control and other operations of media content on various terminals by using WiFi connection devices, so that we can share display content on different devices at the same time, so that people can enjoy a better media life, for example, video of mobile phones can be displayed on TV, movies of computers can also be displayed on TV.

What’s the advantages of multi screen interaction?

1、 Daily entertainment

Before, we used to watch movies on portable devices (mobile phones, Pad ), the screen is small and tiring to watch,but some movies can’t be found on TV, so we can only continue to bear it. In the case of multi screen interaction, we can display the movies of mobile phones and Pad on TV, and of course, we can also display the contents of TV on mobile phones or Pad. It saves a lot of time and troublesome steps.

In addition to watching videos, we usually play mobile games, but there are still the same problems: the mobile phone screen is small and the eyes are sore after playing for a long time, then we can display games on the large screen device through multi screen interaction, at this time, the mobile phone becomes a handle, and we can enjoy different game experiences on the large screen.

2、 Business meeting

The advantages of multi screen interaction

No matter ordinary office workers or boss, they are familiar with working meetings. In the past, projectors were commonly used in meetings. Although they are convenient, they also have many disadvantages, such as unclear picture quality, short service life, etc.

Compared with wireless display, the common problem of the projector is that it doesn’t support multi-channel display, so it can only project one device at a time, and it is a little troublesome to change the device.

If we use the wireless  display, it will be different. Here we take the Bijie meeting box as an example.TheBijie meeting box supports four-way display. Android, apple, windows and other intelligent devices can combine multiple screens at will. In addition, multi-screen interaction and broadcast on the same screen also greatly improve meeting efficiency.

3、 Multimedia teaching

In recent years, multimedia teaching is gradually popularized. Now teachers can effectively solve the problem by using multi screen interaction. Teachers and students have more efficient communication and teaching efficiency. At the same time, multimedia  gets rid of the rigid education way in the past and attracts students’ attention.

The advantages of multi screen interactionWith the wireless display of Bijie interactive box, teachers can use intelligent devices such as Pad and mobile phone to display the courseware to the large screen, making teaching more convenient. Students’ intelligent devices can also display files to the large screen without connecting USB cable and installing software.

Bijie interactive box also supports switching the display equipment at any time. Students do not need to go to the platform to answer questions, but only need to answer through intelligent devices. The steps of operation will be real-time display to the large screen, and each student can display at any time. The teacher can easily understand the learning dynamics of all students.

Multi screen interaction has become more and more mature, home and commercial products have emerged, and will develop better and better in the future.

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