The National Stadium Bird’s nest is the world’s first double Olympic stadium that has hosted both the summer Olympic Games and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games. In 2022, in order to ensure the perfect operation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, various high and new technologies will appear in the bird’s nest, fully demonstrating the hard power of science and technology of a large country.

Bird technology was lucky to participate in the construction of the core scene of the National Stadium. In the “brain” – operation and command center of the bird’s nest, it provided software and hardware support for the core display and control system, and sent special personnel to the site to provide operation and maintenance support, so as to help the command and dispatching of the Winter Olympic Games run smoothly.

The products of on-site application of bird technology include seat management system, core matrix, visual management system, paperless operating system and other products. Through the integration, processing and mining of the video data of the Winter Olympic Games, the display and transfer of real-time video information resources can be achieved, and the collaborative work of different departments can be realized, so as to provide a stable and efficient operation for the opening and closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, Provide strong technical support and safety guarantee.

As a leading provider of professional audio and video display and control solutions in China, various core products of bird technology have been widely used in the project construction of the Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games. With the closing of the Winter Olympic Games and the upcoming opening of the winter Paralympic Games, bird technology will continue to provide continuous operation and maintenance guarantee for various participating projects, Contribute to the smooth development of the Olympic Games!

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