The computer screen can also be projected onto the TV, easily realizing “small screen to large screen”.

If you didn’t know it, you can also view video from your computer on your TV, so that you can enjoy watching TV more easily, so here is how to display video from your computer on your TV.

  1. First, connect your computer and smart TV to the same wireless network;
  2. Then open iQiyi, Tencent, Youku and other commonly used playback software on the computer, enter the player, search for the program you want to watch, and click to play it directly. After a period of advertising, you can watch it on the computer; Next, as long as you right-click the mouse in the playing interface, a menu will pop up, among which there is an option called screen play. After clicking it, the system will automatically search for it, and then we can view the screen on TV.

If that doesn’t work, there’s a second method you can try:

  1. Again, you need to connect your computer and smart TV to the same wireless network;
  2. Then turn on the smart TV, click the up key on the “Discovery” page, right-click and choose “Love Screen” – “Mirror” – “Android Device”; Enter Miracast program and view TV device name; The screen will pop up, and then click on the bottom right of the computer screen ‘Notification Center’ – ‘Connect’; At this point, you will find that the computer will start to search for the wireless monitor, you just double-click the search for the monitor, start to connect; Then the TV will respond, and prompt “connecting”, after which there may be a black screen for a period of time, do not worry, wait patiently for a while, the computer will automatically install the driver, the mode will be selected as “copy” after completion; When the installation is complete, the TV will display the computer screen. In addition, if you need to adjust the resolution, you can adjust the Settings – Display – advanced display Settings – resolution; To disconnect, open Notification Center – Connect and double click on the connected TV.

After reading the above methods, you can’t wait to give it a try, the computer screen to the TV, easily lying on the sofa in the face of the big screen happiness of watching movies brush variety show, from now on open hang life!