Let’s take a look at the whole process of a traditional conference

1. Determine the meeting requirements; 2. Before the meeting starts, relevant personnel shall debug the conference equipment (such as projector, adapter, HDMI and VGA cable); 3. Start the meeting, the first person shall connect the equipment, and end the connection; 4. Others shall connect the equipment until the end.


How many steps does it take to use a wireless display system
1 determine the meeting requirements, 2 the meeting starts, wireless connection equipment, and other people connect after the end.

There are several key points that the company must grasp when choosing the scheme of meeting  wireless display

1、 Is the solution suitable for the company’s needs and simple enough
Some medium-sized and large-scale conferences in some companies use home-made wireless display devices. As a result, various situations often occur at the meeting site. If a sales company is communicating with customers in such a way, a mistake can be explained, and the connection is unstable and blocked for many times. As a result, customers will feel distrust of the brand, and even such a simple problem can not be solved How can customers cooperate with you?

2、 Can it meet the screen projection requirements of users in the conference scene
Wireless display is only a basic requirement, and the key point is to meet the complex scene application in the user conference room, with high reliability.
When purchasing the wireless display scheme, most people think that enough is good, but enough and easy to use are two different things.
For example: in the scenario of one main screen + multiple sub screens, ordinary screen transmitting devices cannot synchronize all the pictures of the devices;
At this time, you need to have a set of wireless display system, so as to solve the idea of multiple devices cooperation.