With the increasing application of projectors in education, business, government departments and other industries in recent years, customers have increasingly high requirements for the practical application and convenience of projection; traditional projectors need to install construction wiring,  if there are multiple customers using the projector in turn at the same time, projection is very troublesome. Therefore, wireless display technology has many customers yearning for;

In fact, as early as a few years ago, wireless projectors appeared in the market, but wireless technology has never been able to break through. So far, wireless projectors are just a gimmick for projector sales. Due to the size of the wireless projector, it has not been widely used, because wireless transmission is limited by network bandwidth, as long as the wireless transmission of large traffic files, there will be image jams and delays. Therefore, it is difficult to popularize and be accepted by the public without mature products.

With the continuous improvement of wireless technology and chip upgrading, wireless display server began to show its head, but because most customers already have projectors, but also need wireless function or meeting room transformation, customers do not want to buy new machines and want to beautify the environment, so there is a market for wireless display!

At present, there are different levels of wireless display devices in the domestic market. The products of BiJie can be said to be leading the industry level. Let’s have a look at the product performance:

BiJie meeting box is a professional wireless display equipment for enterprise office and meeting rooms, schools, exhibition halls and other occasions. It supports Miracast, Airplay, Widi and BJcast (self-developed) projection protocols.

BiJie meeting box adopts the simple display interface design, adopts the unique display entrance, and has a unified style, and does not need to distinguish different types of display terminals. No remote control is required for any operation and configuration.

Taking into account the needs of enterprise customers, the multi-channel display function is specially designed for the BiJie meeting box, which can support the simultaneous display of up to four terminals (no distinction between mobile phones and computers).