The difference between wireless screen projection AP mode and STA mode

The Bijie wireless projection terminal supports AP mode and STA mode. What are the specific functions and differences between these two modes?

AP(Access Point) Mode is a wireless access point mode, similar to a wireless router. When a device is turned on and enters AP mode, its WiFi name will be displayed in the wireless LAN list of the phone. The phone can connect to the device’s WiFi network and interact with each other on the network.

STA mode refers to Station mode, where Wi Fi operates in wireless terminal mode and connects to the network by connecting to AP hotspots. In STA mode, any wireless network card can run in this mode, which can also be referred to as the default mode.

AP mode and STA mode are two different wireless network connection modes. Their main difference is that AP mode is a wireless access point mode that provides wireless access services, allows other wireless devices to access, and provides data access; The STA mode is a wireless terminal mode, similar to wireless terminals. STA itself does not accept wireless access, but can connect to the AP.

Specifically, the AP mode is the creator of a wireless network, the central node of a network, and the wireless router commonly used in homes or offices is an AP.In AP mode, it is possible to create a wireless network, and other devices can connect to the hotspot to achieve wireless internet access. Interconnection between AP and AP is allowed.

The STA mode refers to every terminal connected to a wireless network (such as laptops, PDAs, and other user devices that can be connected to the network) as a station. STA itself does not accept wireless access, but can connect to an AP.In STA mode, the WiFi module operates in CLIENT mode, and with appropriate settings, data can be converted to and from the wireless network.

In summary, the main difference between AP mode and STA mode is that the AP provides wireless access services and is the central node of the network, while STA is the terminal connected to the AP and does not accept wireless access itself.