It is understood that at present, most of meeting rooms are still in a simple layout level. A telephone or a projector forms a conference room, and the conference room with wireless projection function is even less. It can be seen that the application of science and technology in the conference room is backward both in concept and practice, and has become a “technology blind spot”.

Why is this the case? What is the reason that prevents the wireless display device from entering the conference room? According to the analysis of most of the meeting room office environment, as long as there are the following two reasons:

Low usage and not worth investing

Meeting rooms are only used when problems need to be discussed or reports need to be made, which means that the utilization rate of meeting rooms is not high. There is no return of predictable benefits, so enterprises are not keen on meeting room upgrading.

Cost concerns

Each enterprise has different requirements for the conference room. If the original conference room is to be upgraded, it may need video conference, audio conference system and other equipment, and these costs will become the concern of the enterprise.
Of course, there are some other factors that affect the rapid entry of science and technology into the conference room, such as performance problems, network problems, and whether it is efficient or not, which affect the degree of acceptance of science and technology conference room products by users. From a simple point of view, the value of the product lies in the rapid work efficiency, the reduction of human cost and the indentation of project cycle brought by the efficient conference system. On this basis, multi screen interactive equipment will no longer be difficult to enter the enterprise conference room.

The change of conference room brought by wireless display

Bijie meeting box can connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices freely through Bijie conference box without any data cable or one key operation in the process of screen casting, and the picture can be quickly projected to the large screen. Bijie meeting box supports multiple wireless access modes without manual switching.
In terms of screen casting mode, Bijie conference box supports mainstream mobile intelligent terminals to cast screen without installing any software. Bijie conference box supports windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS and other mainstream systems in the market, and is compatible with miracast, airplay, widi, bjcast (self-developed) projection protocols. As long as WiFi is used, the screen content of the projection terminal can be projected to the display wirelessly. In the process of conference, any terminal can be directly connected to the Bijie conference box for wireless screen casting, which is not limited by the conference hardware equipment.

Bijie conference box has built-in 2 high-performance WiFi modules, with its own AP hotspot function, which can meet the requirements of any company’s network environment. Without WiFi, it can connect the WiFi hotspot of Bijie meeting box, build a LAN environment, and easily solve the restrictions of network problems on the use of multi screen interactive devices. Bijie conference box can realize two-way screen casting. In the process of screen casting equipment, different screen casting equipment connected to Bijie meeting box can cast screen at the same time. Two screen casting pictures are displayed on the same screen, which is convenient for employees to compare and analyze.