The method by which a Mac computer projects a screen to a TV using the built-in AirPlay protocol

Solution 1: AirPlay screen projection delivered with Mac computer (mirror screen projection)

Specific steps:

  1. Ensure that the Mac computer and the screen projector are connected to the same network.

  2. Open Play in Space at the upper right corner of the MAC.

  3. Select the screen projection device and start the screen projection.

Let’s look at other ways to project your Mac to your TV

Solution 2: Install the screen projection client

Specific steps:

  1. The gateway website / / download and install will express for Mac launch screen software;

  2. Ensure that the PC is connected to the same router as the screen projection device, find the name of the device to be displayed, and click to start the screen projection.

(In Screen Projection Code Mode, enter the screen projection code.)