The Miracast wireless display function is implemented on a Windows 10 PC

In fact, the Miracast wireless display function of a PC equipped with Windows 10 does not require complex Settings. The Miracast routing device with Miracast function is once connected to the Miracast function in a few simple steps.

  1. First, click to enter the operation center of the bubble pattern on the right of the taskbar
  2. Click “Connect” among the many functional shortcut keys at the bottom of the operation center to jump to the connection interface. In this interface can display the current computer can be wirelessly connected devices, such as wireless display and audio equipment.
  3. Click “Project to this Computer” at the bottom of the interface to jump to the Settings window.
  4. The setting interface of “projection to this computer” is actually the setting for the display of this computer after receiving the projection signal, that is to say, the current setting of the computer is the machine that receives the signal rather than the machine that sends the projection signal, because the computer that sends the projection screen demand does not need any Settings, only the platform with wireless network card function.
  5. In the Settings interface, you can project the selection of Windows computer or mobile phone and select any option except “Always shut down”. At the same time, in the “request projection to this computer” option, it is recommended to select “only the first time” for identification, unless you are worried that someone will trick you into doing screen projection while you are working, you can select the “every time you request connection” option.