Many netizens know that mobile phones can be put on TV, but they don’t know exactly how to do it. There are two kinds of mobile phones to put on TV: wireless connection and wired connection. Compared with wired connection, wireless connection is more suitable for the current needs of screen projection. Let’s talk about the way of wireless connection in detail. ,


wireless projection of mobile phone to TV? The


projection methods are wireless sharing. This method requires smart TV and mobile devices must be under the same WiFi;

first open the [wireless projection] or similar application on the TV, find the [wireless connection] mode in the mobile phone [settings], and open the [wireless display]

① Android mobile phone (miracast) take Huawei mobile phone as an example, turn on the mobile phone settings – more connection methods – wireless display on, and the name of the TV will appear on the mobile phone, After the connection is successful, the mobile phone can be displayed on the same screen as the TV;

② Apple mobile phone (airplay) can open the [control center], click the [screen image] option, then find the name of the smart TV to be connected in the [screen image] interface, and turn on the [image switch] of the device; ,


③ app video (DLNA) is broadcast on TV. The mobile phone can browse other interfaces.

is to transfer the video from iqiyi, Tencent, Youku and other video software to TV for playback. This is the most commonly used method. The method is very simple. Click the projection button on the playback page – select the TV you are connected to, and you can successfully cast the screen. After


are successfully put on the screen, the mobile phone can do other things without affecting the continuous broadcasting of the TV. (it is equivalent to that the mobile phone sends a video link to the TV and the TV accesses the website to play it)