The role of multi-screen interactive intelligent terminal master/slave devices in different teaching modes
Teaching mode

Teachers choose their own host screen as the sharing source, and broadcast the screen to the group screen. Each group screen can see the content displayed on the teacher screen.

Group discussion mode

Each student screen can be used independently by wireless projection screen. The teacher can select any one or more student screens to view. A maximum of four student screens can be viewed at the same time.

Group discussion results sharing

The teacher can arbitrarily control which group screen is displayed on the big screen. This mode is the same as the teaching mode of the teacher, only the sharing source is different. At this time, the sharing source can select the student screen that needs to be shared.

Group discussion on a screen

In this mode, students in each group project their own computer or PAD to the secondary screen of their own group for group display and discussion. The screen projection within a group is limited to the group. The screen projection within a group can be in single-screen mode or multi-screen mode for easy comparison and discussion.