The screen image keeps going round and cannot be found for the following reasons:

Screen mirroring Settings are incorrect: Check whether the screen mirroring function is enabled on the iPhone by following the following steps: Open the iPhone Settings, click [Display and Brightness], and find the [Screen image] switch in the [Display and Brightness] interface. After this function is enabled, the screen of the iPhone will be displayed as a square, and the logo connected to the wireless display will be displayed at the top. When enabling the feature on other smartphones, you also need to make sure that the iPhone and the target iPhone are on the same LAN.
Distance: In order to ensure the effect of use, some devices may need to maintain a certain distance when casting the screen. If the two devices are far apart, they may fail to be found. Users can check whether devices are within 60 cm of each other and keep devices and displays on the same Wi-Fi network.
WiFi network issues: The screen mirroring feature needs to be used on a reliable Wi-Fi network. Users can check whether the Wi-Fi connection is stable, try to restart the router or adjust the frequency band of the router (5G band may interfere with the screen).
Application issues: Some applications may prevent screen mirroring from working properly. Users can try to close the relevant applications running in the background and then restart the device.
IP address blocked: The user’s Wi-Fi is not in the LAN, or the device is in a network environment with risks (such as malware, stolen WiFi password, etc.), which may cause the screen mirroring function to be unavailable. In this case, you can try to connect to another reliable Wi-Fi network, or move the device to a different location, and then try the screen again.
Device failure: If the preceding methods fail to solve the problem, the device may be faulty. Users can try to restart the device, update the system, or return to the manufacturer for repair.

The above are the reasons that may cause the screen image to turn around and not be found, I hope to help you.