The whole family watches the ball game on a big screen

The atmosphere of watching the World Cup is supposed to be warm and shared, but with the cloud mirror function, you can easily share the screen up close and for your family members who are far away. Instead of connecting to wifi, the phone will be able to stream live or recorded content directly to the TV via 4G or 5G networks with one click of the screen. Even if you watch the World Cup in public places such as bars, cafes and offices, your mobile phone can display the screen without connecting to wifi. The mobile phone can also be remotely projected to the TV at home, so that parents can also watch the game on the big screen, experience the convenience brought by technology, break the space and time distance, and cheer and shout for the team.

There are so many other uses for the screen besides watching the ball that if you learn it, you can’t live without it. In the company, you can open the computer web page, project the ppt, video, pictures of the meeting to the TV and discuss with colleagues; I don’t need to ask for the client’s company password when I go to the client’s company to make a proposal. My mobile phone or computer can quickly project the screen to the TV for speech report. Back at home, you can put the screen of your mobile phone on the TV to watch movies, TV series, play games and enjoy leisure time. You can even give your children a TV online class. Children don’t need to do phubbing, which can protect cervical vertebrae and eyesight. When you go to the hotel on business trip, you can watch the latest TV series on your mobile phone, so that the old TV in the hotel is no longer just a decoration.

Huawei mobile phone screen projection method

  1. Touch the screen

On the picture quality Smart Screen V series released on September 26, 2019, Huawei launched the function of one-touch screen projection for the first time. As long as Huawei mobile phones support NFC function, the screen projection function can be realized by one-touch remote control, greatly lowering the threshold of use of the screen projection function. In addition, a touch screen casting also supports up to 1080P60 frames HD smooth screen casting mode, the delay is at 100 milliseconds level, playing the game screen basically has no perception.

  1. Smart double shot

Dual mobile screen projection, never seen before in TV products, is also a function launched by Huawei. Personally, I think the most important place for this function is party games and some meeting office collaborative scenes. By installing the Smart Screen App, two Huawei phones can be installed on the same smart screen.

  1. Hyperterminal screen projection

Compared with ordinary wireless projection screen, HyperTerminal projection screen is simpler and faster. After the mobile phone upgrade HarmonyOS 2, the HyperTerminal function is provided to support dynamic identification of devices that can be put or service flow, so that multiple devices and mobile phones can jointly form a hyperterminal, and the control experience is particularly ceremonial.

  1. Display the screen in the application

Many applications have built-in screen projection buttons. For example, DLNA screen projection can be realized through the TV screen projection button of video applications. After successful screen projection, the movie is automatically obtained from the server, and the mobile app supports simple control function. And you can directly exit the mobile phone from the current application without affecting the TV side, which is a very good method for mobile video members to use in the large screen.