“Love tea, love shopping, love exhibition, love home” is becoming the top 4 consumption trend of young people in the city. It’s fun during the day, and it’s worth it at night. In addition to working hours, this class of young people want to turn the limited 24 hours into unlimited n hours. From March 18 to 21, fengmi technology, which focuses on the large screen of intelligent projection, combined with yidoutang home app to create “the day and night of young people – Guangzhou home life and design fashion show” at China Furniture Fair. It directly opened a “market” that gathered young people’s preferences, and clocked out young people together with local fashion brands in Guangzhou, such as Xicha, United bookstore, 1200bookshop and playful coffee The crowd plays with the way of life.

(photo source: fengmi technology, the same below)

Play with the “holy land” of photography cast by smart projector

I believe many friends have heard of “taking pictures with a projector”, that is, to project the desired space with the help of a projector, and then take beautiful pictures. The style of the photos is novel and unique. They are not out of fashion. At the same time, they keep up with the trend. After seeing the pictures shared by photographers, young people are eager to take their own “projection photos” immediately.

If you also want to make a set of blockbuster movies with cool projector style, one projector will go!

In order for everyone to take the beautiful photos in their hearts, fengmi technology and BaoZhao lighting have created a light and shadow art space for you, as a live demonstration of intelligent micro investment. Vogue pro, the smart micro projector of fengmi used on the scene, is bright enough to produce “color”, 1600ansi lumen, creating a colorful and changeable picture space, with cool, street shooting, fresh and poetic styles switching at will.

With a projector like Vogue pro, you can invite friends to your home. In addition to chasing dramas and watching variety shows, you can also take pictures with it. Even if you don’t travel in your spare time, you can also quietly take a group of pictures with big brain holes or free from vulgarity, and then amaze the circle of friends!

The big screen is cool enough to be happy

According to the “home life and consumption trend report” released by yidoutang home app, home is the best playground for young people. The living room is not like the living room, the minimalist bedroom, the integration of open food and kitchen, the fine and orderly storage Young people’s homestead space has already broken through the tradition and produced a very new and interesting homestead change!

Wear pajamas, turn on the big screen, follow the teacher in the living room to keep fit; turn on the mobile phone, pass on the big screen, get together with family members, and have a chat for about ten minutes to nourish each other’s family; or directly meet three or five friends, beer fried chicken, sit on the ground, turn on the big screen, and watch a blood boiling ball game Yes, this session of young people can not do without a big screen!

According to the 618 battle report of Jingdong in 2020, the sales volume of large screen products above 75 inches increased by more than 300% year on year. Meanwhile, the big data of Jingdong shows that the post-80s and post-90s users are the main consumers, accounting for more than 70% of the sales volume. Fengmi technology has won the sales and sales champion of 618 and double 11 laser TV for three consecutive years. In 2020, the total sales of fengmi technology’s intelligent projection category will be in the top 3 in the industry. Following the trend, fengmi technology is breaking into the “home” life of contemporary young people in a dark horse posture.

In addition to providing fun screens, fengmi technology is also very concerned about young people’s sleep and spiritual world. In this exhibition, fengmi technology combined with southern bedding to create a comfortable bedroom space model room, especially equipped with fengmi laser TV 4K for bedroom space Max large screen, ultra short focus design does not take up space, 100 inch large screen wall mounted, can be used as display screen, can also be used for mural decoration (fengmi can also design flexible scrollable screen hidden installation), in a lively and quiet environment, can let tired a day of physical and mental relaxation, if you are interested, you can also watch a big movie before going to bed, so that the body and soul are in the purification of practice. Transform the bedroom into a movie theater, one person is to enjoy alone, two people are full of romance!

From the functional point of view, fengmi intelligent projection screen is also a product with health eye protection and home art. After the epidemic, people began to pay more attention to the home atmosphere and the health problems of their families. For young people, the relationship between daily work and residence, between city and home is like a double-sided mirror. On the one hand, it is the freshness of the city, on the other hand, it is the pyrotechnic atmosphere of human settlements. Insisting on loving and exploring the way of life that they love is a unique place for this class of young people.

With fun and social attributes, health and artistic pursuit, advocating an attitude lifestyle is an important direction for fengmi technology to continue to explore in the future. According to the prediction of Ovi cloud, an authoritative analysis platform in the display industry, it is estimated that by 2022, the sales volume of laser TV in the Chinese market will exceed 1 million units, and the sales volume will reach 11.8 billion. The big screen lifestyle is rapidly entering thousands of households, and new lifestyles of young people emerge one after another. Fengmi technology will also capture more interesting life ideas, unlock the big screen trend and play new “Postures”.

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