This section describes the OPS linkage function of Bijie Intelligent cooperative terminal

OPS all-in-one generally uses Windows as the main system, and Windows teaching software is frequently used in the classroom during the teaching process. The video output of Bijie multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal is an independent signal source, so it is necessary to switch the OPS all-in-one computer to HDMI display mode, which causes the problem that teachers need to switch signal sources frequently.

In order to solve this problem, BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal provides management and control interaction software and control API interface of Windows, realizing that BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal and OPS touch all-in-one computer only need a data cable connection, can be synchronous linkage display, free switch display screen, convenient and flexible. The interactive management software is installed on the Windows terminal. The suspension window provides functions of one-click broadcasting, same-screen content display, and screen projection device configuration.

Solution configuration:

General wisdom classroom

Single screen + box can be used for ordinary smart classroom, supporting mobile phone and computer wireless projection screen, multi-split screen display, projection screen touch reverse control.

Double screen smart classroom

Dual screen + box can be used for dual screen smart classroom, dual screen display, support the same display and easy display, screen projection content and electronic whiteboard combination, left and right screen free switch display.

Seminar wisdom classroom

Single screen + box + group screen can be used in the discussion-based smart classroom. Teachers can push the content of the main screen to the group screen, synchronize the content of the group screen to the main screen for display, and teachers can handheld pad mobile control the content of the main screen and group screen.

High-end seminar wisdom classroom

Double screen + box + group screen can be used in high-end discussion-based smart classroom, supporting courseware synchronous display, front and back page split screen preview, supporting electronic whiteboard synchronous annotation.