To use the “Project to this computer” feature in Windows10, the following conditions must be met

Win10 has a built-in “projection to this computer” function, which can help us project the picture on the phone or tablet to the computer screen, and then use the computer keyboard quickly input.


1, wireless card support

2, video card support

  1. Computer and mobile phone are connected to the same wifi signal network environment at the same time

  2. After the driver is installed, press Win+R on the keyboard to open the running window, enter Run dxdiag, click the following “Save all information” in the open DirectX diagnostic tool, and then open the saved dxdiag. txt text file, and check whether the content of Miracast line is Available

5, right click on the start button > Windows PowerShell > run the following command: Get – NetAdapter | Select Name, NdisVersion view the results of corresponding NdisVersion WLAN is greater than or equal to 6.40

Unsupported or below version will not be available.