TV projection and wireless projection technology help you watch movies at home.

for a projection software suitable for home, what audio-visual experience will Bijie projection TV bring us? Let’s have a look.

more and more intelligent projections have entered the homes of many consumers. Many consumers only need an intelligent screen projection software to build their own “home theater” in their bedroom and living room, and can enjoy the visual experience of large screen anytime and anywhere.


Bijie projection software, as an intelligent household projection software, can provide users with professional image quality experience in terms of image quality. Combined with 4K physical resolution, it can create realistic and clear images. The humanized intelligent system makes the screen operation of Bijie more flexible and free, and makes users use it more quickly.

and Bijie projection screen is a software that can be installed and used directly, so you can cast a large screen to watch your favorite film and television blockbusters anytime and anywhere.


are excellent in performance. The resolution is 1080p, the picture quality is clearer, the layers are clearer, the color gradient is more delicate, and the picture is not stuck or delayed. If you want to watch movies at home, this configuration can meet your various needs for wireless projection.


in the process of actual operation, Bijie projection screen operation is very convenient. First, download the same Bijie projection client for mobile phone and TV, then open the mobile phone client to search for nearby TV devices, and finally connect successfully. Click the projection button to put the mobile phone video on the TV.

in terms of screen projection, Bijie screen projection will synchronize mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, MAC and other devices to the TV through wireless network, which is simple and fast in practical operation. You can easily put the movies, games, music, pictures and files you want to see on the device, which is very convenient.


at the same time, in terms of network, Bijie projection uses 5g dual band Wi Fi projection, which can make the signal more stable. We should know that when the network is unblocked, dual band Wi Fi can maximize the stability of wireless network connection, and effectively improve the playback quality, so as to bring users a better viewing experience.