TV projection, how convenient wireless projection is when watching TV. We can see the progress of

projection. The obvious advantage of projection has become a new favorite of people; Today’s users also hope to use the projection screen to make the home TV not leave the control of smart phones, and all resources should be integrated. The content that can be seen on the mobile phone interface is expected to be displayed on the large screen; So the artifact of wireless projection screen appears, which has become the most effective scheme to replace cable TV. So what energy can wireless projection replace cable TV? Let’s take a look at the charm of wireless projection.

first, let’s know what is wireless projection. Wireless projection supports mainstream projection protocols in the market, such as airplay, DLNA, miracast and private protocols. It can project video, music, photos, games and other contents of mobile phones, iPads and other devices and move them to TV in one second. Convenient operation, no jamming, ultra-low power consumption, support dual band Wi Fi, stable and convenient connection, support Hotel mode and mobile hotspot projection, which has become a necessary good product for chasing dramas anytime and anywhere, whether at home or on business.

wireless projection has an extremely simple link mode compared with traditional cable TV. A mobile phone and a wireless projection software can form a “drama chasing artifact”; The main operation mode of screen projection is to realize the screen projection of resources through mobile app, so as to realize the effect of “small screen becomes large screen”.


for many game fans, playing games on a large screen is a very happy thing. Traditional screen projection devices can only send pictures to large screen devices, while screen projection supports mainstream screen projection protocols such as airplay, DLNA and miracast. Through the screen projection software installed on smart phones, we can quickly identify TV devices. After connecting, the mobile phone screen and sound can be displayed on your large screen device. Since then, I bid farewell to the embarrassment of playing games on a large screen with only pictures and no sound. In addition to supporting Apple Android phones, it also supports Mac and windows computers. Games, PPT, etc. can be put on the same screen through the projection screen through the mirror image or wireless display function.

use the wireless projection function to directly put the video on the mobile phone on the TV, so you are not afraid that the video you want to watch is uncomfortable due to the small screen restrictions.