TV projection, how to cast the screen wirelessly when watching TV at home.

in daily life, we are familiar with the TV target video contained in the mobile video resources. The TV projection logo is a little light, and the mobile resources immediately appear on the TV. However, not all resources can be cast through the TV standard. Some video resources have no TV standard. How can you cast the screen?


, or for other uses, such as conference, business, local, one-to-one, one to many screen projection between mobile phones, computers and TVs… How to realize screen projection? Here, I recommend a user-friendly screen projection software – Bijie screen projection, a software that can project screens between mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs, projectors and other intelligent devices.

use steps: 1 Install software. Install Bijie projection screen on the equipment that needs projection screen (for example, if the mobile phone projection screen TV, the software needs to be installed on the mobile phone and TV at the same time). The mobile phone and TV can be downloaded from the application market corresponding to the equipment; 2. Connect the network and connect the equipment participating in the screen projection to the same network, which is the premise that the equipment can be projected to each other; 3. Start the screen projection software of Bijie, check the equipment to be projected, and click “screen projection” at the bottom of the interface to actually project the screen, so as to keep the screen content between the equipment synchronized.

scenarios, such as:

1 If you want to watch a program, your mobile phone has resources, but you can’t find resources on TV. If you want to watch TV, you can synchronously broadcast the resources on your mobile phone to TV with the help of the screen projection function of Bijie; 2. The music resources in the mobile phone can not be wasted. Open the Bijie projection screen and put the music app on the mobile phone on the TV, so that your hall can instantly become a large KTV private room, and you can also become the focus of the private room. Mobile phone 3. computer projector not force, need technical personnel wiring, this time also can use the suck screen input function, direct wireless connection, not only simple one to one connection, can be more mobile phones or computer and projector wireless screen, meeting and so on more convenient; 4. Children can learn knowledge at school and at home. When they return home, they can use the Bijie projection screen to put the education video on their mobile phone on the TV, just like signing up for a cram school. This “cram school” does not need tuition fees, and other expanded video projection screens can be used to let children not only learn in class knowledge, but also enrich their extracurricular vision, so that children have higher interest in learning and parents feel more at ease.