TV projection, how to judge whether the TV can be projected,

what is projection? Screen projection is to transmit the content in the mobile phone or computer (small screen) to the TV (large screen). The first condition of


, ,


depends on whether it is not a smart TV (smart set-top box)


, that is, whether the TV can receive the screen projection of the mobile phone. How do you know? Check whether the TV or box has projection function.

read the instructions before buying TV

1 Ask the seller if it is a smart TV?

2. Can you install the software yourself?

3. Is it Android?

4. Can I connect to WiFi?


(it will be troublesome if it is not Android, because domestic TV software is developed on Android).

what if it is a smart TV or smart projector, but there is no screen projection function? Solution: install a projection software yourself. It is equivalent to updating the TV projection function. Can also solve this problem.

2. What if it’s an old TV, old projector and old set-top box?


are not impossible. To buy an Internet set-top box, you should also confirm these three problems

1. Ask the seller if it is a smart set-top box? 2. Can you install the software yourself? 3. Is it Android? After you buy it, use the HDMI cable to connect the old TV, and then download the Bijie projection screen from the set-top box application store to use the projection screen.

the second condition depends on the mobile app or what you want to put on the screen? After the first condition of


video projection mode is met, we will go to the projection next. Now there are many video software with the projection function. Connect the mobile phone and TV to the same WiFi, open these video software with the projection function, and click the TV projection function inside to start the projection. Is to see if there is a projection TV button inside. If not, you can give them feedback.

mobile phone image same screen mode

if you want to cast screen games, what about software without TV buttons such as wechat? At this time, you need to use the image function. The way to use it is to download mobile phones and TVs and display them on the screen. After you search, open the mirror, open the game, file, fitness, WeChat tiktok and so on.