Two computer monitors set double screen display method steps share

With the multi-picture display of wireless projection screen, the display screen of meeting room is also more and more, and the multi-picture display meeting is more and more popular with the public. The wireless projection screen of Bijie Internet with exclusive multi-screen graphics card can support the multi-screen display of 6 frames, but today we still introduce the common computer dual-screen operation.

Computer monitor split screen (computer two monitors set double screen display method)

  1. Right-click an empty space on the desktop and select Display Settings.

  2. Click the logo to identify the two displays.

  3. Select the icon that you want to display as the main icon, select it as the main icon, and click…

  4. Choose to expand these displays on the multi-monitor side. Click Apply.

  5. Select Monitor 1 and Monitor 2, and click Advanced Display Settings.

  6. You can adjust the resolution of each monitor here.